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Great job on getting the brief character backgrounds done on time, guys! I especially want to give a shout-out to Mikey for his work on Giuseppe (Joe) Trafficante. I really dig the first person narrative he used.

Since everyone submitted what they needed to on time, I was supposed to give everyone an extra reward. Turns out I forgot to do that while in my fever haze. Oops!

I will come up with a small something to give everyone sometime this week. I will even take suggestions! Post your ideas here or get them to me however you can. It can be an in-game benefit or out-of-game (like a special kind of snack or drink for everyone to share).

What Next?

I feel we got off to a strong start in character creation this past weekend; let’s continue our fine-tuning for our first session on the 26th. Think about your character’s breakpoints as described in World of Darkness: The God Machine Rules Update. Finish up any missing Aspirations (two short-term and one long-term). Put finishing touches on character backgrounds, particularly on how/if you know the other player characters.

In the meantime, I will start the process of taking the character sheets everyone filled out and converting them to pdfs. They will then be linked through each character’s profile for easy access. I have also sent out a calendar invitation; don’t forget to set the time zone on your Obsidian Portal account to get the correct time!

As always, feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns. I’m looking forward to the first session!

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Home Page Update 3

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