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Check this forum post for an incentive to kickstart character creation before our meeting on Sunday. I’m sure everyone could use an extra one-dot Merit. :-)

We will also talk about the leveling system and other in-game mechanics Sunday. This is a brand new system for a lot of people and a large rules revision for others (including me!) so I’m sure there will be questions about how things will work.

And since I am talking about the meeting on Sunday, be sure to show up. Let me know ahead of time if you can’t and we can try to work around it. There will be a few weeks before all our schedules line up again, so we can’t let this opportunity go to waste.


We have our first winner! Matt submitted a brief background of his character Daniel Von Kriegden. Let’s aim to have everyone’s submitted in time! There may even be a small group bonus if that happens…

Character backgrounds so far:

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Home Page Update 2

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