Home Page Update 4


It seems like everyone enjoyed the first session. I also think it went pretty well. The next game will be scheduled for this coming Sunday where we will start the investigation into the mysterious cannibalistic(?) cult.

In the meantime, I have added some stubs to a few characters (“The Boss”, Chris Bertrand, and Ms. Angelle Dubois). Another new stub is for the first POI, Maison du Goût. Feel free to add some more descriptions and interpretations of these characters and new location!

Bonus XP?!

I’m sure you guys noticed that I like to give out little bonuses for extracurricular activity in this game. I will offer a beat (that’s 1/3 of a level!) to anyone who submits an Adventure Log.

An Adventure Log entry is a recap of the previous session. Write it in any style you see fit; just be sure to mention the important bits of the game somehow. The deadline for submission is the moment before the next session starts.

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Home Page Update 4

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