Daniel Von Kriegden

A doctor with an unhealthy obsession of autopsying the supernatural


Daniel was first exposed to the supernatural world when his cadaver inexplicably came back to life in the middle of him dissecting it. Needless to say the experience left him shocked, but it opened up so many more questions. How could a body with it’s chest cracked open and several organs removed get up and walk out of the room? He knew there had to be a scientific explanation, but none of his textbooks could explain it.

Eventually he finds an old colleague, friend or former classmate who has experienced similar unexplainable phenomenon and persuades him to let him join their group of hunters. A qualified doctor is always a welcomed addition to such groups. Daniel’s own driving motivation is chiefly the pursuit of science above all else, but he is not above pretending to follow lesser goals like saving all of humanity or some such rubbish as long as it means access to that he wants to research.


Daniel Von Kriegden

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