Source Books

Links to purchase and download the source books. Core Books are required for play. Supplemental Material offers additional character options.

Note: Only the most up-to-date revisions and errata will be used.

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Core Books

Supplemental Material


  • Slasher Hunters vs supernatural serial killers
  • Compacts and Conspiracies More detailed descriptions of the Compacts and Conspiracies from Hunter: The Vigil and extra mechanics for them


  • Armory Additional equipment and fighting styles
  • Midnight Roads Additional options and mechanics for vehicles (including merits)
  • Reliquary Contains merits dealing with how to research, create, and use relics
  • Second Sight Deals with psychic powers and extra-sensory perception

Questionable Usefulness

  • Book of the Dead Contains Merits and other tricks of the trade for supernaturals in order to deal with the Underworld
  • Book of Spirits Similar to Book of the Dead, but for ghosts and other spirits

Source Books

A God-given Rite Kibner Kibner