Character Creation Guidelines

Do’s and Don’ts

Creating a character that can work within the setting and with other players is important to everyone having a good time. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help when coming up with your character:


  • create a backstory with interesting events that can be played off of later (a tragic loss, someone/something to protect, a rival, an enemy, etc.)
  • come up with a motivation or conviction that drives your character’s biggest decisions
  • backstory must include the event that opened your character’s eyes to the supernatural


  • make your character so psychotic that they are unable to function within normal society
  • make your character unable to work with others
  • have a secret that is the defining aspect of your character (it should be something important, but not overwhelmingly so)
  • build your character around committing acts of torture, rape, or other such heinous behavior (characters can be fucked up in the head, but they are still heroes)

Other Guidelines

  • Get approval from the Storyteller before adding a Persistent Condition to your character
  • Background can be in story form or list form (though story form is preferred)
  • Alert Storyteller when using elements from supplemental material

Character Creation Guidelines

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