A God-given Rite is a Hunter: The Vigil game based in the World of Darkness universe. It will attempt to adhere closely to the mood and theme of the source material. Specifically, horror and mystery.

The characters will be investigating some type of conspiracy/ritual/planned thing and will attempt to prevent it from coming to fruition. Be sure that your character is able to contribute to this mission in some way.


  • Characters will have some level of competence when trying to solve a mystery or get involved in combat, even if it is in non-traditional ways
  • Roleplaying beyond just rolling dice
  • Most importantly, having fun!

Ground Rules

I do have a few rules that should help to prevent some potential awkward, embarrassing, or terrible moments taking away from a session.

  • No romance between player characters. Having a relationship with an NPC is fine, but the phrase “fade to black” will be used liberally during interactions with that NPC.
  • No performing acts of torture. The character being questioned will either lie or tell the truth in any intense interrogation scene. Harming the character will not change his answer.
  • Don’t be a shithead to other people at the table. If someone asks you to stop doing something, then stop it. This shouldn’t be a problem with the people involved, but it has to be noted. I don’t want drama at the table as that has ruined several campaigns that I have been in previously (and highly enjoyed).


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