Sarah "Roads" Carmichael

Low profile, chauffeur


Sarahs personality is best described as not on the radar. She feels calm and comfortable behind the wheel of a car. She has confidence in her ability to read traffic and the people she drives around like an open book. She also believes that hard work will make a person happy. She also feels that she deserves the life and connections of the very people she drives around town.

Sarahs initial motivation to become a hunter was to find out more about the elusive Mr. Alexton, but it later evolved into more of a reason to protect people that have not found out about the world of shadows. She hunts to keep others from seeing the world as it really is.

Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Envy


From taxi cab driver to high class chauffeur, get away driver to contraband transporter, Sarah “Roads” Carmichael has done it all. While not being the best of the best she does have a reputation for being professional, efficient, willing to learn, and actively avoiding drawing attention to herself.

Sarah started her skill set as a cabby in the busy streets of New York. Here she learned a lot about how to navigating traffic jams and high speed driving in compact spaces. She later became a chauffeur for a high end car service company. From this job, she learned how to get from club to club fast, as well as how to get her flock of socialites into the clubs (even if they were not on the list). This was also her first experience with protecting and not hindering her socialites and their illegal habits from the authorities and other criminals, a skill she would later come to call “quick stepping.”

After a few years of honing her skills on the mean streets of New York, she moved to the the one city that is crazier and warmer than the Big Apple: New Orleans, the Big Easy. Finding a job as a chauffeur was not really a problem, with her quiet but likable personality and her driving skill being almost second nature. However her stable but fast life world came to screeching halt late one night, when her “soaklight”, as she calls them, was attacked while leaving a club. At first, all she saw was Mr. Alexton quickly approaching her car from across the street. This was nothing too far out of the ordinary, but then, out of nowhere, another man approached Mr. Alexton from behind and a faint red flash went off between them but no crack of a gunshot was heard.

Sarah’s soaklight seemed to wince in pain and fall over to all fours, while the other man seemed to vanish in the crowd trying to get into the club as fast as he originally showed up. Sarah pulled the car up to Mr Alexton and started to help him into the car. No one else seemed to notice or care about this attack; they most likely thought he was drunk or sick.

As Sarah helped her soaklight into the car, she noticed he was a lot heavier than he looked. She also noticed a couple other things: a thick black liquid coming from his torso, and strange noises comint from his body. The noises were similar to that of a stomach growl, but it was coming from all over his body. After getting him in the back seat, Sarah red lined her engine to get him to the nearest hospital. While dodging traffic jams and red lights, Sarah dialed the emergency contact number in Mr Alexton’s file. She wasn’t really surprised when the voice of a sleepy woman came over the line with a hello.

“Hello, this is Sarah from the “All Green” car service, I am the driver for Mr. Alexton tonight. He listed you as his emergency contact with our service. I am calling to inform you the he has been injured, and I am driving him to Sisters of Mercy hospital. We should arrive in abou-"

“No! Do not bring him there.” the woman cut in. “Bring him the corner of Bree and Cardinal as fast as you can.”

An unusual request to be sure, as there was no hospital there, just some old houses, and a graveyard. But from the woman’s tone and rushed speech, Sarah got the impression that this was not a request.

“Understood, I’ll be at the location in 12 minutes.” and the line went dead on the receiver’s side.

Eleven minutes and fifty six second later the corner was in sight, as well as a tall, thin woman and three large men. The men were in full suits, while the woman was in a bath robe, but a much nicer one than Sarah had ever seen.

She screeched to a halt in front of the group and, before the loose gravel in the gutter stopped rolling, the back door to her car was flung open. One of the men lifted the now limp, but still growling, Mr. Alexton from a pool of the black liquid in the back seat and hurried into the house on the corner of Bree and Cardinal.

Sarah’s attention was snapped back to the passenger side front seat window as the woman was tapping on it. Sarah hit the window-down button on the driver-side armrest control. Sarah recognized the woman’s voice from the phone call as she began to speak.

“Thank you … Sarah wasn’t it?” Sarah nodded in acknowledgment.

“Here is your payment for this evening as well as a tip for your discretion and professionalism, have a good morning” she smiled at Sarah and winked, as Sarah slipped into the deepest sleep of her life, despite all the adrenaline flowing through her bloodstream.

Sarah woke the next morning to the sound of a river barge horn. She was in her car and her uniform was neat and clean. The back seat of her car had also been fixed up as if no one had been injured and laying on it at all. The doors were locked and the keys were hanging in the ignition. She felt an odd weight tugging at her from her inside coat pocket. As she reached into the pocket, she also looked up to see the Mississippi river flowing as it always does. But the corner from last night was on the other side of town from the river. Getting worried she withdrew the weight from her coat and found it to be a brown envelope with eight hundred dollars in twenties, nearly double the amount of the fare.

Sarah "Roads" Carmichael

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