Bastian St. Cloud

A dealer in antiques and relics whose hunger for knowledge has led him down strange paths.


Bastian St. Cloud’s true background is a bit of a mystery. Some speculate that he shed his real name years ago out of paranoia. What’s known about him is that he was born somewhere in America and likely in the south – based on the slight rustic drawl which only shows up when he’s been drinking to excess.

He appears to be somewhere in his late twenties and he’s been very well educated. Most people concern themselves more with his reputation as a very discrete antiquities dealer who can find anything for the right price.

He has traveled the world and made a name for himself selling rare relics and artifacts to eccentric collectors. What most of his customers don’t know is that Bastian is a hunter of the supernatural as well as a hunter of antiques….and an avid collector of occult lore and objects.

The rumor amongst the Hunters of New Orleans (where Bastian is known to frequent) is that Bastian came across a nasty bit of supernatural mojo in his adventures as a youth. It drew the wrong kind of attention and the lad lost someone precious to him. He barely survived the ordeal but his eyes were opened to what’s really going on in the world.

Bastian sought out information on the dread beings he’d encountered and found his way to a dive bar somewhere between New Orleans and Baton Rouge – a hunter bar called Shaggy’s Meathouse. Weird name for a weird place. In the shadowed alcoves of Shaggy’s, Bastian learned what it was to be a hunter….and that he would need more than an antique revolver and a lot of bile and venom to track and kill the things which took what was precious to him.

Bastian has spent the last three years hunting London, St. Petersburg, and other far flung bergs for word of The Man of Glass and Sound – investigating and killing evil where he finds it and slowly accumulating a dangerous store of occult knowledge.

He has only recently returned to his small safe house in New Orleans, on the trail of a lead…

Bastian St. Cloud

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