A God-given Rite

Diary of Roads #1

First game adventure log played on 3/2/14

Diary entry 3/2/14
I believe I have made yet another discovery of the supernatural world today through my job. It seems those who live in the shadows seem to prefer All Green Car service, Today’s client, we shall call him Mr. Closet, needed my service to drive him from location to location on a rather tight time schedule. They ranged from high class bars and clubs to crack shacks on the wrong side of the tracks. His general demeanor, and close, seemed to change and brighten after each stop. As a professional I did not mettle to much in his dealings, but I do know he enjoys his work, he is a stickler for being punctual, and has a general upper class attitude that I believe more often than not gets him into trouble. At first I wrote this off as just another sleaze ball, but the events that I encountered after the last stop is what makes me believe that he is one of the one that lives in the shadow world.

As we pulled away from the last location of the night, it almost seemed that my car was being chased by a creature without form that absorbed light that it passed through. Mr. Closet noticed this and asked for me to increase my speed as if I needed prompting. Evading the entity was no easy task but as always a cool head and my lead foot could handle it.

Upon returning Mr. Closet to his casino hotel, he handed me an invitation to an exclusive restaurant opening in the warehouse district of town. Hoping to learn more about this dangerous world beneath the real world, I decided to go in style. Having a friend from All Green drop me off I preceded to the line to get in. This is where I met two former business acquaintance, who will for their protection will remain unnamed.

The food was good but as I was soon to find out also drugged. The last thing I saw was an older woman laughing at us as all of the guest passed out from the drugs. I don’t know how long I was unconscious, or what happened during that time. But when I awoke I found my self in the back of an old box van with the other opening’s guest most of whom were still unconscious. My two old friend and I managed to pry the back door open while the van was moving, lost a knife in the process but I have more at home, and shoot out a tire. After the novice driver lost control and sent us into a ditch we managed to determine that he is just a clueless hired driver, and not very professional one a that.

After some debate and not being able to wake the other party guest my two friends and I decided to walk down the road in the direction the van was heading, to see if we could figure out what was going on and hopefully “acquire” another means of transportation. What we found at first puzzled me but I was easily abler to get past it with the growing anger I was feeling towards Mr. Closet. The scene before me is best described as an incomplete seance, and much to my displeasure it seems we were to be the final piece. After some sneaking around I manged to hot wire a car, while my friends blew up a shack for a distraction. It might not have been the best idea but it was the best we could come up with. After chasing down one of the cult members that left just before we did. we managed to gather up the now groggy but awake party goers, and head for a hospital for help. After dodging the police and clearing out of the hospital my friends and I decided to call upon each other if we needed assistance in tracking down the people who did this to us.

What I took from this is simple, there seems to be a new faction threatening the lives of others not yet inducted in tot he world of shadows. It must be stopped, before more normal people get hurt.


Kibner Kibner

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