A God-given Rite

Memoirs of Bastian St. Cloud
Entry 1.0

The trouble started with a woman – as trouble is wont to do. It was a quiet morning at the shop; I was finishing up some cursory research into a potential new find acquired at an estate sale the previous week. The sound of the door chime signaled the presence of a customer. A Ms. DuBois was interested in one of the “special” items I sold – though she was vague about what, precisely, she wanted out of such an item. I can do vague; I sold her a trifling trinket for an exorbitant fee. As thanks for my discretion, she gave me an invitation to the grand opening of a new French restaurant. I saw it as an opportunity to make contacts.

I showed up at the place wearing a suit and tie I had kicking around and packing heat – one never can tell when one will need to shoot a mother fucker. I wasn’t expecting trouble per se – I was merely as prepared as I always was. My private vendetta against the creatures of the dark has grown somewhat more….involved…over time. I never go anywhere unarmed.

I was somewhat surprised to see Roads at the soiree – she usually rubs elbows with a different sort of crowd. She fills out an evening gown nicely, I must say. She was speaking to a gentleman named Joe. I have seen Joe around – he has some connection to the local underworld (criminal and supernatural alike) – but we were not very familiar with each other.

The three of us, along with several other guests, were ushered inside and seated. A veritable plethora of gourmet dishes were served to us. Had I known then what I do now, I likely would have set fire to the table and run for the door. I was happy enough, at the time, to shovel down food like it was going out of style. I soon began to feel rather out of sorts, however. Looking around, I noticed that several of the others guests were slumping in their chairs. Drugs. Before I could do much of anything, I blacked out.

I came to in a panel van with Roads and Joe (and about nine other guests). We were all still armed. After opening the back doors of the van, we managed to shoot out the tires of the moving vehicle and cause it to wreck……accidentally throwing a few of the other passengers from the back. 1 casualty, 1 severely injured. Couldn’t worry about it at the time. Had to survive.

We figured out that the driver had nothing to do with the abduction – he was a hired patsy who would have probably been killed. He was taking us to some “farm.” We had a choice to make – go to the farm and see what the hell these people wanted with us or try to go back to the city. We had too many people to move and a busted vehicle. We also began to suspect, much to our growing horror, that we had been served human flesh at dinner. This disturbed me profoundly….and angered me in ways I cannot commit to paper. After the things I’ve seen, the things I’ve done….some freaking cannibals had the temerity to fuck with me? Nope. I was going to the farm. Roads and Joe decided they were coming, too.

We snuck down the road in the darkness – eventually sighting several large bonfires in the distance. We began to hear a strange rumbling or humming in the night air and, as we got closer, realized there were at least a dozen people in hooded robes chanting some liturgy around the fires. Cultists of some kind? Didn’t really matter; we needed to figure out a way to get the other victims from the van to safety. We noticed a nearby house and managed to sneak over to it without being spotted (though with some difficulty). Once there, we noticed there were two vehicles parked alongside the house. While we hid, a cultist walked up and drove off in one of the two vehicles. Sarah broke into and hot wired the other vehicle while Joe and I took a peak inside the house.

A cursory examination of the place revealed several occult tomes and such lying about. A peek inside the fridge confirmed our worst fears – these people were cannibals. Mad as hell, I espied a propane fed stove in the shack. I told Joe what I had on my mind then I cut the gas line. After waiting a few minutes for the gas leak to get started, I tossed a lit candle (from the house) inside. Meanwhile, the noise from Roads hot wiring the car had brought several cultists running. They arrived just in time for the propane tank to explode – blowing them to hell as Roads, Joe, and I sped off in the stolen car. We had to catch up with the other car before it got to the derelict van.

Flooring the stolen car, Roads managed to catch up to and get alongside the other car in short order – just as it pulled to a stop next to the van. I leveled a gun at the driver of the other car from the passenger side window as we pulled alongside. He reacted surprisingly well and floored it when he saw the gun in his face…..but not well enough. I shot him as Roads pulled some kind of insane police maneuver and forced the other driver off the road – pretty much destroying his car in the process but leaving ours intact.

As the remaining cultists began to catch up to us, we loaded the injured/drugged people from the van into the car and tore off. I will need to follow up with an account of what happened once we got back to the city. For now, I need to get some sleep before the hunt continues.

Diary of Roads #1
First game adventure log played on 3/2/14

Diary entry 3/2/14
I believe I have made yet another discovery of the supernatural world today through my job. It seems those who live in the shadows seem to prefer All Green Car service, Today’s client, we shall call him Mr. Closet, needed my service to drive him from location to location on a rather tight time schedule. They ranged from high class bars and clubs to crack shacks on the wrong side of the tracks. His general demeanor, and close, seemed to change and brighten after each stop. As a professional I did not mettle to much in his dealings, but I do know he enjoys his work, he is a stickler for being punctual, and has a general upper class attitude that I believe more often than not gets him into trouble. At first I wrote this off as just another sleaze ball, but the events that I encountered after the last stop is what makes me believe that he is one of the one that lives in the shadow world.

As we pulled away from the last location of the night, it almost seemed that my car was being chased by a creature without form that absorbed light that it passed through. Mr. Closet noticed this and asked for me to increase my speed as if I needed prompting. Evading the entity was no easy task but as always a cool head and my lead foot could handle it.

Upon returning Mr. Closet to his casino hotel, he handed me an invitation to an exclusive restaurant opening in the warehouse district of town. Hoping to learn more about this dangerous world beneath the real world, I decided to go in style. Having a friend from All Green drop me off I preceded to the line to get in. This is where I met two former business acquaintance, who will for their protection will remain unnamed.

The food was good but as I was soon to find out also drugged. The last thing I saw was an older woman laughing at us as all of the guest passed out from the drugs. I don’t know how long I was unconscious, or what happened during that time. But when I awoke I found my self in the back of an old box van with the other opening’s guest most of whom were still unconscious. My two old friend and I managed to pry the back door open while the van was moving, lost a knife in the process but I have more at home, and shoot out a tire. After the novice driver lost control and sent us into a ditch we managed to determine that he is just a clueless hired driver, and not very professional one a that.

After some debate and not being able to wake the other party guest my two friends and I decided to walk down the road in the direction the van was heading, to see if we could figure out what was going on and hopefully “acquire” another means of transportation. What we found at first puzzled me but I was easily abler to get past it with the growing anger I was feeling towards Mr. Closet. The scene before me is best described as an incomplete seance, and much to my displeasure it seems we were to be the final piece. After some sneaking around I manged to hot wire a car, while my friends blew up a shack for a distraction. It might not have been the best idea but it was the best we could come up with. After chasing down one of the cult members that left just before we did. we managed to gather up the now groggy but awake party goers, and head for a hospital for help. After dodging the police and clearing out of the hospital my friends and I decided to call upon each other if we needed assistance in tracking down the people who did this to us.

What I took from this is simple, there seems to be a new faction threatening the lives of others not yet inducted in tot he world of shadows. It must be stopped, before more normal people get hurt.

Joe's Entry #1

Well, today has been one of my weirder days. All things considered, that is saying something.

It started out relatively normal. My boss, Mr Matranga, asked me to come down to his mansion. One of the other guys had found an invitation to a restaurant opening up in my neighborhood, but no one knew anything about it. He asked me to look into it, and see if I could dig anything up.

Something like this should have been fairly easy. In order to open up a restaurant you need to fill out tons of paperwork, from Health codes to electric bills. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any record of anything. According to city records, no one even owned the property.

I asked one of the guys to keep an eye to go check out the place, maybe talk to some of the local business men and ask if they seen anything. Not only did no one know anything about the place, but it was completely empty, even though it’s opening night was tomorrow.

Honestly at that point, I was starting to wonder if the invitation was a hoax or a practical joke gone to far. Restaurants don’t just spring up overnight, but The Boss wanted information on it and that is what he was going to get. I laid out all the information that I had, or lack thereof. The Boss agreed that it sounded unusual, however he gave me the invitation and asked me to make an appearance.

This is supposed to be fine dinning, so I broke up my nice suit. I called Fat Tony for backup, although honestly I chose him because I was expecting to sit in the car all night and wanted someone to talk to. Don’t get my wrong ole Tony’s a good shot, and damn reliable, I just didn’t think I would need that.

To my surprise, their was a line outside the restaurant, and it looked like someone did some MAJOR remodeling overnight. I called the guy I had watching the restaurant, and apparently he fell asleep. I’ll admit I was a bit frustrated at that, but I didn’t have time to deal with that at the moment. Not to mention the guy has been very reliable in the past, so I would probably let that one slide with only a warning.

I told Tony to park the car nearby, and wait with the car. I told him that I had a bad feeling about this place, and to keep alert. As I was walking up the the restaurant, I noticed a woman who goes by the name of Roads. She is a decent driver, and I’ve only heard good things about the way she handles herself in a pinch. As I was talking to her, an acquaintance of hers named Bastian St. Cloud came and stood next to us in line. A few minutes of small talk later and we let inside.

Once we got into the restaurant everything was perfectly decorated, it seems almost impossible that this could have been done overnight. They served a 5 course meal, that seemed to mostly consist of meat. The meat tasted unusual. It wasn’t bad, actually it tasted pretty good. All the sudden, I was sleepy. I don’t mean after Thanksgiving dinner sleepy. I mean the doctor tells you to count backwards from ten, and you never make it past seven.

I woke up in the back of a panel van with about ten other people. They were the other people in the restaurant. Roads and Bastian woke up a minute or two later. Roads managed to jimmy the door loose, and with help from Roads and Bastian, I shot out the tire. The van swerved a few times, and then flipped into a ditch.

The crash ejected me from the back of the van. I stayed on the ground for a few minutes thinking about how stupid my previous actions where, before moving around to the front of the van. Roads started tending to the passengers, while Bastian came up front. I covered Bastian while he pulled the driver out of the van.

The driver had a broken van, and was in a bit of shock. It seems like he didn’t know anything about the ‘cargo’ he was carrying. I turns out that one of the passengers in the back died, and several others were wounded, one severely. We didn’t have any cell reception, nor did we have any clue where we were. There were to many wounded people to carry to the highway, and some people where to injured to move.

We talked to the driver, and he told us that we were heading to a farm. It was around this time that we came upon the realization about the true nature of our earlier meal. To our disgust, it seems that the odd meat we had earlier was human.

We decided that it would be better to move onward to the farm. We couldn’t bring them all with us to the road, and there was always the chance they would come looking for us. After a few miles of walking we started seeing bonfires ahead. We decided to go through the woods in the hope in the hopes of not getting seen.

When we arrived at the farm, from the woods we could see robed figures around the bonfire. There was an old barn, with cages behind it as well as a couple of cars. As we were watching, a cultist headed towards the barn, got into one of the cars and drove off.

We headed to the barn, and climbed in through a window. It seems like a small propane kitchen was installed in the barn. We found some papers on the table that I collected while Bastian rigged the propane tank to explode. Mean while Roads was working on hot wiring the car. Roads’s jury rigging started drawing the cultists attention, so we hurried back out of the barn and as we drove off Bastian set off the propane tank, taking out the barn with it.

We drove as fast as possible, and since it was Roads driving, it was pretty damn fast. We managed to catch up with the car, and drive it off the road. The driver died in the crash, and the vehicle was totaled. We loaded up all of the injured in the car, and moved the driver of the van into the car’s trunk. We drove everyone to the hospital, and then I managed to bug out before the police arrived.

I waited a couple of hours until about 6 am. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep, and there wasn’t much reason to wake The Boss up. We went over everything, and he asked me to investigate this and to keep in touch with Bastian and Roads about this. He then told me to get some sleep. Easier said then done.

When I finally got to sleep, I had a horrible dream. Not surprising all things considered. I don’t remember much of the dream. Just this voice demanding “More”


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