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So, we found out some more info about the cult and it looks like we even have a way to make contact with them! Before it comes to that, though, it is time for the group members to prepare for the next encounter.

As such, please make plans with me in order to carry out individual side-quests. We can do it through Facebook, Skype, phone, face-to-face, or just about any other method. The plan is to accomplish some goals that you have set for your character that we haven’t been able to accomplish in-game and to get things ready for that inevitable phone call from the cult.

There will be time for multiple side-quests, if desired, until the next session because…

GM Absence

I will be out of state on the 26th and 27th due to an event I am attending. The plans were made and committed to months ago, but I just realized it falls on a game weekend. If anyone can think of an alternative game-day, please let me know. If not, the best accommodation I can think of is extended side-questing.

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